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WeldAcademy | Welding mastery through cutting-edge training.
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WeldAcademy provides welding courses designed to assist welding professionals by expanding their knowledge base and core competencies. Individually, each course addresses specific workplace situations. Additionally, successful completion of all courses offered, demonstrates the candidate’s readiness to take the American Welding Society’s, Part A - Welding Fundamentals examination. This is an important part of preparing for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certification tests. WeldAcademy delivers the necessary information for the fundamental examination and some useful information applicable to the practical examination.

Connect, WeldAcademy’s new online course combines the WeldAcademy course content with the power of the internet. Delivered via the online learning management system (LMS) created by Industrial Training Zone, a leader in online fundamentals training, WeldAcademy Connect is the new way to welding fundamentals mastery—affordably, easily, and quickly.


WeldAcademy Connect is delivering the difference in welding training. Connect allows you to better manage your training experience. You can stay on the job while you train. We also provide certificates of completion upon passing all of the module tests at a rate of 70 percent or higher.

*Note: The certificate of completion we provide you does not take place of the fundamental examination portion of your CWI certification. However, we recommend you take the CWI fundamentals examination upon completion of our course.

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