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WeldAcademy is the leading online welding instruction and training course, delivering powerful learning content that’s proven, engaging, and easy to use to the welding industry. WeldAcademy is comprised of industry-leading content and the latest in online training delivery through Industrial Training Zone.

WeldAcademy Connect contains 10 modules and approximately 40 hours of training and instruction. Connect can be delivered as a complete course or as individual modules. It is also available in both English and Spanish versions.

Reflecting our belief that content mastery is achieved through cutting-edge training, WeldAcademy Connect boasts training that is highly interactive, highly modular, and highly trackable. Our training is designed to help your company sustain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Highly Interactive

Connect combines simulations, graphics, and video to enhance your learning experience. Powerful simulated schematics are presented in the modules, building content mastery and troubleshooting expertise in learners. Most of all, studies suggest that online learning improves knowledge, retention, and job performance.

Highly Modular

Training that’s flexible, cost effective, and that doesn’t require travel is becoming increasingly important to the industry. Connect allows training anytime, anyplace, and at any pace. The curriculum is organized in a logical sequence to tie one subject to the next. Users can stay on the job while they train, eliminating the need for costly one-time training conferences that require travel and additional time away from the job. Our training is delivered in a consistent format. Your employees will learn the material that will help prepare them for certification.

Highly Trackable

Connect allows administrators and learners to track training activity and progress. Quizzes, review questions, and diagrams help prepare learners for certified welding inspection. Pre- and post-course tests ensure learners are on their way to welding skills mastery.

WeldAcademy is committed to excellence in technical innovation, teamwork, and in creating value for our customers. As part of our company’s core, we are working to optimize customer performance and service in our training content and delivery method. Our content is designed to meet individual training needs. Connect your workforce to cutting-edge training today!
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